I want to thank all the women who I interviewed, and my co-host Dori, for their inspiration. I learned that although so much has changed for working moms, so much has remained the same. In my new podcast 'Overcoming Working Mom Burnout', I want to challenge that status quo. Drawing on my own experience of burnout and my behavior change science, I will interview working moms who are thought leaders to help me find and share Mindset and Managerial Solutions for Working Mom Burnout.

In this episode, Isabela describes her immigration from the Philippines in the 1950s, the culture shock and abuse she suffered. She describes surviving, being a single mom and eventually working to help other women immigrants. Her story, recorded before Covid, made me think about the women and children who might be subject to greater abuse due to the lockdown. Please call 1-800-656-4673 if you need help.

Penny, 71, describes her job in IT and working on the Obama campaign. She also shares the loss of her husband and adapting to retirement.

Amy, now 102, describes her working life during World War 2, and shares some of her poetry and wisdom about motherhood with us.

Carol Meredith, now 70, describes how her career started at 50, as a make up artist in New York. 

Today’s episode  of 'Women behind the wrinkles' will take you on a unique journey as Jewel Woolsey, 77, tell us about being a hairdresser, growing in confidence in the 60s, and working through drug addiction with her daughter.

We apologize for the audio quality, the three of us were by phone. Our Season 1 will be recorded in person.

In case you are wondering about 'OK Boomer' (the viral misunderstanding between Boomers and Millennials) in contrast, the 'Women behind the Wrinkles' podcast reaches across the generations. We love the wisdom of the older women we speak with, they have valuable advice for younger women, and are concerned about the modern pressures we are under. They hope that their stories can help us.

This episode of 'Women behind the wrinkles' will tickle you. It features Courtney Flanagan, 70,  who tells us about her hilarious career as a drama teacher, letting go, and finding the funny in everyday things.

Thanks for listening and for providing any feedback.

This episode of 'Women behind the wrinkles' will touch you. It features Lynda Ingersoll, 76 years old, who worked in a 'Mad Men' style marketing job, lost a child and brought up her autistic son in the 70s. We talk about the challenges women faced then and now.

This is our pilot episode. Please be patient as we improve our audio quality etc. We will be posting two more pilots shortly and recording more guests in December. Please provide any feedback that can improve our product. We hope to launch Season 1 in the Spring of 2020. Thanks for listening!


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